Consumables Products

Bouffant Cap / Hair Net Clip Cap

Type: Bouffant Cap / Hair Net Clip Cap
1) Lightweight, Breathable and Comfortable
2) With non-irritating and durable double elastic band
3) Compactly folded in strip, suitable use for ladies with long hairs

Material: High Quality Non-Woven Material
Colour: White, Blue, Pink, Green, Navy Blue
Length: 533mm
Thickness: 10G, 15G
Packing: 100Pcs in 1 Polybag

CPE Shoes Cover

Type: CPE Shoes Cover
1) Extra Thickness, Durable and Good Quality
2) Fluid Repellent, Waterproof
3) Lightweight, Simple Barrier Protection
4) Comfortable and Durable
5) With Double Elastic, strong and durable, will not break when wearing shoes cover

Material: Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)
Colour: Blue
Dimension: 36cm X 15cm
Thickness: 2Gram, 3Gram
Packing: 100Pcs in 1 Polybag